All About The Homestead Grays

In honor of Black History Month, learn more about the Homestead Grays with Ernie Kyger—Van Metre’s Resident...

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Meet DC Native Duke Ellington, A World-Renowned Pianist & Canny Orchestra Leader

Learn more about DC native, Duke Ellington. In honor of Black History Month, Ernie Kyger—Van Metre’s resident...

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How Katherine Johnson Broke Racial & Gender Barriers at NASA in the 1950s

In honor of Black History Month, learn how Katherine Johnson broke racial and gender barriers at NASA in the 1950s....

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Meet Dr. Charles Drew, A Local Who Revolutionized Our Understanding of Blood Plasma

In honor of Black History Month, learn more about Dr. Charles Drew, the man with local roots who revolutionized our...

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Maintenance Tips for Your Home with Jenn Keesling of Van Metre Homes

One of the most important things you can do for any home is provide regular maintenance. Even new homes need love on...

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The Magic of Inspired Interior Design with Julie Coppa of Julie Coppa Designs

How your home looks and feels, and how it lives, are important components of your life and can ultimately impact...

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All About McCormick Paints with Matt McCormick

Painting a room is a rewarding way to freshen up any space! Meet Matt McCormick, Vice President of Sales for...

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Anum Pervaiz of Van Metre’s Diversity and Inclusion Council

Diversity and inclusion have long been core values at Van Metre and 2020 emphasized, more than ever, the importance...

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