Tackling Homelessness in the DMV with Kristyn Burr of HomeAid Northern Virginia

Posted by Ernie K. on 9/28/20 5:48 PM

For the 10th year in a row, Loudoun County, Virginia, has been named the No. 1 county in America for median household income. Despite all our financial fortune in the DC area, homelessness is still very much a problem for many of our citizens. Listen to Kristyn Burr, Executive Director of HomeAid Northern Virginia, talk about tackling the problem of homelessness in the DMV.



 Takeaways from our conversation:

  • HomeAid’s mission was created by NVBIA in 2001. They serve other non-profit, building and renovating projects in the area by supplying money, expertise, time, labor and materials.

  • How big is the problem of homelessness? 6,000 people across Northern Virginia, at any time, are homeless—with 25% of that number being children. Many factors contribute to the problem. Among these can be mental illness, domestic disputes, loss of employment, and drug and alcohol abuse.

  • The causes can affect anyone regardless of income or social situation. No one is immune.
  • HomeAid has completed 150 projects! This translates to an $18 million investment in our community.  $11 million were in the form of donations—making our area safer and life more humane for those affected by homelessness.

  • The organization’s contributions are more than just buildings and fixtures, they transform the lives of individuals in dire need. Human dignity is at the forefront of all HomeAid’s activities.

  • HomeAid is also involved in activities to address immediate needs such as collecting school supplies, coats, clothing, diapers and more.

  • How can the public help? Attend fund-raising events and participate, but also learn more about the work they do within the community by visiting


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