Anum Pervaiz of Van Metre’s Diversity and Inclusion Council

Diversity and inclusion have long been core values at Van Metre and 2020 emphasized, more than ever, the importance of...

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Renovation & Remodeling Insights with Stephan Lamb of Van Metre Design+Build

Northern Virginia's housing shortage, coupled with the pandemic, has caused many to rethink moving and instead update...

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Meet your host Ernie Kyger, Resident Lifestyle Expert at Van Metre Homes

I was born in Washington, DC in 1955, the same year that Van Metre Companies went into business. In 1959, my parents...

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Customer Service 101 with Jenn Keesling, Director of Customer Experience at Van Metre Homes

Van Metre sells hundreds of new homes every year in the local area. Jenn Keesling heads the Van Metre department...

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