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The Journey of Baseball in Washington

Even though baseball left Washington and didn't return for 33 years, the love of the game never died among locals. ...

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Drinks with Lacey Huber & Jeremy Topper

Feelin' spirited?!?! Join Ernie Kyger, Van Metre's Lifestyle Expert, as he talks wine and craft beer with Lacey Huber...

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A Trip to Mount Vernon & Monticello

Experience the homes of two of our founding fathers, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Join Ernie Kyger,...

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How Van Metre Gives Back to the Community

Explore Van Metre's decades-long history of giving back to the local community as Ernie Kyger, Van Metre's Lifestyle...

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How Eleanor Roosevelt Championed Civil Rights

In honor of Women’s History Month, learn more about Eleanor Roosevelt, first lady and champion of humanitarian causes....

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Discover the Story of Helen Keller

Learn more about Helen Keller. Ernie Kyger, Van Metre’s lifestyle blogger, explores the story of Helen Keller and how...

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Explore How Eunice Shriver’s Vision Became the Special Olympics

For Women’s History Month, join Ernie Kyger—resident Lifestyle Blogger and Diversity and Inclusion Council Member—in...

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Learn About the Courageous Life of Harriet Tubman

Learn more about Harriet Tubman. In honor of Women’s History Month join Van Metre’s lifestyle blogger, Ernie Kyger, to...

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